The pains of having a pet

Hey guys !! I’m back with another blog and I must say that the last month and this one have been quite hectic for me. I started to foster a stray. She is 3 and is a mixed breed and I am guessing that she is partly fox hound. She used to live with my friend until she had to move to someplace else and couldn’t take her with her. When my friend had first met her, she was hurt and had to be treated immediately. So my friend, took care of her day and night and would not sleep without her. She decided to name her ‘starlight’. And now, just a month ago, she had to leave her as she was moving away. Starlight was really sad that she could not see my friend again. She would not eat, drink, or get up. She was hurting. That is when I tried to help her and keep her. Let me tell you keeping a dog is a lot of work. Here are something’s that helped me when I started to keep starlight :

1) Give your dog a nice and dry place to sleep in. Starlight sleeps in my balcony as she likes it. I have given her a good cloth to sleep on. Since my mom doesn’t like dogs, she can’t come inside my house. But I convinced my mom enough that she would let me keep her. That also means that I can only spend a limited amount on her supplies. Like her necessities.

2) if you can’t buy dog food ( Like me, as my mom won’t allow), it is very important for a dog to get good nutrition or else unhealthy eating habits can lead to obesity. I do give starlight dog food but it is only enough to give as a snack cause I can buy only 1 pack per month. So, I mostly give her an egg and a big cup of milk. This way, she gets protein and calcium.( wow ! I didn’t even know that I knew words like calaium and protain sorry what was it again ??? Eh……..anyways)

2) now being clean is also a very important part in a dogs life, so, you must make sure that you have proper dog shampoo for your dog. The best dog shampoo you can buy is one that is tick and flea free. I give starlight a bath 3 times a month as she doesn’t need much. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind while bathing your dog :

i) gently pour water on their body so that they become comfortable with it.

ii) use your dog shampoo and rub gently while covering their limbs and full body.

iii) make sure that water doesn’t get into their ears.

iv) do not rub too much as your dog might get agitated.

v) try to do it in a closed place.

In my case, starlight does not like leashes and I cannot keep her inside my bathroom to give her a bath. So, I have to run around for an hour to actually give her a complete bath.

3) now, to give your dog a good gift, buy it a collar. They love collars, my dog was happy for 4 hours and she kept jumping . This is also means that your dog can now roam around anywhere without being taken by animal control. Hehe that would have been nasty.

4) make fixed time for meals and poops. I feed my dog 2 times a day. I give her her first meal at 2:30 pm and take her to poop exactly after 20 mins. I give her a cup of milk and egg for the first meal. I give her her second meal at 9:30 pm which includes milk egg and a little bit of dog food which she loves . I take her for another bathroom break after 20 mins.

5) I cannot buy snacks as I told you, so, I give starlight biscuits. Dogs love biscuits. Also make sure that you are not feeding them too much human food as it is not very nutritious for them.

That is all that you need to take care of in the first few days of getting used to your dog.

Starlight is really calm an doesn’t say much but at the same time she is really mischievous. At night, I once left her leash outside with her and the next morning when I woke up it was torn and I could only see the hook part of it. She also took it ends and hid them. Honestly I still cannot find that leash.

That is all for today guys hope you liked this blog. Get this blog to 15 likes to get a picture of starlight to see. Keep clean and take a bath.


Weird fetishes of mine !!!

Hehehe. Hello ! It’s me and I am back with another stupid and weird post. We all have our likes, and dislikes and you never know when some of those likes turn out to be really weird fetishes. For some of you it may like smelling peanut butter, looking at weird fish photos but for me it is :

Playing with my hair

buying Stationery items

Collecting movie tickets and boarding passes

Saying ” stoopid” a lot

Makin cake in a mug

Looking at my crush

Talking to my new dog

Talking to myself


Did I mention talking to myself and crying ??

And also tripping every single time I take a step.

Life is great !! But what about you? Tell me something that You want to share with the world. I’ll keep posting and let’s try to meet next week again. Bye. Take a bath and keep clean .

K-Dramas that I love

I must say, I’m a sucker for a romantic drama or movie. I recently have been watching a lot of them and I have to say, it has kinda been hard for me to find the really good ones. So here’s a list of the k-dramas that I think you should see if you have been waiting for a good one to come to you. Let’s get going.

While you were sleeping

You must not believe me when I tell you, but, this is the first drama that I had I watched and back then I was in 7th grade. This is still one of my favourites and is extremely amazing. Go and check it out soon.

Descendants of the sun

This kdrama was a really great story which showed the differences and similarities between a doctor and a soldier who are, one after the other, trying to save someone’s life but the only differences is that one does it by training hard on borders and the other by gaining knowledge. Check out there beautiful but difficult love story.

Romance is a bonus book

This is a really cute story between two friends who start to fall in love with each other. Before I give a spoiler, I would like you to check it out yourself first.

My strange hero

Pinocchio ( is the spelling correct ?)

Who are you

It contains an amazing storyline about two twins and switching places without them even knowing. And while all the mystery takes place, two men are ready to give their heart to one girl out of two. Who will she choose ?

My love from the stars

This consists of an alien who appears to be human and falls in love with one. It is a great romance. Try it.

Gangnam beauty

Check these awesome kdramas and tell which one you liked the most

Anxiety and what I do to calm down

Hey guys, some of you know me very little and most of you don’t know me at all. And today, here I am, sharing another piece of experience with you.

We often get nervous when we are meeting some one special, going on stage, performing in front of a big crowd, or maybe even talking to a teacher. I get a lot of anxiety due to my past relations and experiences and also because I keep trying new stuff and mostly end up making a fool out of myself on stage. See, I’m an Indian who isn’t quite good at English. I would say I’m a……………5 out of 10. But, what I am good at is, dancing, singing, painting, doing oratory stuff, and photography mostly.

Now, due to doing so much, sometimes I have to say a few lines about all I do. It can be a school debate or a creative activity. I can get anxiety on the smallest things like getting to know that I have a small class test. The first thing that tells me that I am getting anxiety is my heart rate, it slowly starts to rise until I feel like my chest is going to explode. Then, comes the nail biting. And then lastly, it is followed by being unable to breath which leads to fainting but only sometimes.

So………… here’s the thing that I do to calm myself down when I have anxiety:

1. I breath slowly and calmly to keep my heartbeat stable and ok.

2. I talk to my friends so that I get my mind off of the things that are cause me to get a panic attack or anxiety.

3. I try to distract myself.

4. If possible then, try to read a book or meditate. It really helps in calming the mind

5. I eat fruits like bananas and apple which are refreshing

6. Sometimes, if I am too stressed about something and cannot do anything to calm it, I lie down on the bed and think about things like puppies, bunnies, or chihuahuas !!!!!!!! They’re so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this blog helped you guys. I would really like you guys to tell me what you do when you get nervous and help me learn more about the body of others and mine, thanks guys and Ill meet you later. DON’T GO ANYWHERE AND CERTAINLY DONT EAT JUNK FOOD. STAY HEALTHY AND ILL MEET U LATER.

Goals for 9th grade !!!!!

Hey everyone !!!!!!! I got into ninth grade. I am so excited !!!! I always end up rushing to study at the last moment and I am guessing that this happens to a LOT of other people like me. So let’s see what goals I have for my future in 9th grade:

Make better friends

Stop talking to myself

Read three thousand books

Ace in exams

Study right now



Cry cry

And did I mention cry

Buy a nice shower gel cause they make my skin dry

Start sleep walking to creep my sis out

Loose some weight so that it does not threaten my life 9 ( I just ate 6 pieces of chocolate. Help me . )

My drawings

My pic edits

Thank u for reading my blog and keep telling me about what u want to change in your life and tell me about ur goals. Love, an anonymous person. And be clean. Bye.

Maybe a new me ?

Sometimes, don’t u feel like you yourself don’t fit in with people of your own ? Recently, I went to meet my friends. I found them to be really caring for each other, nice, and helpful. They all had grown up so much. I felt like I had probably missed out on some of the best moments that could have been in my life. The place where I live is not as fun as the place in which I lived before. I think that now, i am ready to show you the actual me. I was scared, at first, cause I don’t know if people outside would ever accept the real and actual me. But, recently I told my old friends about all of my problems, and they understood, they supported me. So, I’m guessing that this is not going to be as bad as I thought it would be.

I am not Emma Rodgers. I am just a girl who posed as a person who does not exist. I first started this blog to become a powerful person and share my story. But, in just a month, I understood that people might not accept me for who I am. That hurt my soul. I posed as another girl and deleted all of my blogs that I had written in the past. Ive always been scared of not being accepted, or being an outcaste. I know how if feels to be alone and have no one to talk to. Ive been bullied in the past and have seen things that no person of my age should see. These couple of years have been pretty devastating and depressing for me. My family and friends couldn’t help me. I wanted to start this blog to help people feel like they were admired for who they are and not what they want to become. I am still scared to show others about my life. But, I am taking baby steps. Ill keep you updated.

The ocean for the first time

What is the most amazing thing that you have felt ? Is it the way an airplane takes off ? Is it the feeling of strong wind suddenly hitting your face ? Or is it the way that the fresh morning dewdrop falls on your face ? Well I don’t know what yours is but, for me, its the ocean. The way it treats itself. You know I am 13, going on 14, and have never seen an ocean or a beach before until just now ? Ive actually always been pretty scared of the thought of being in the water. The first time I started getting closer to the shore, I felt like I was going to throw up due to all the nervousness. I slowly reached the place right before the water came and touched my feet and felt a cool breeze. The water comes and goes taking away and giving so many things to us. The taste of a little salt when the water splashes on you gives you a life long experience of euphoria and epiphany. The voice of the water makes you feel like it wants you, and needs you. It makes you happy when nothing else does. When the water comes, and touches your feet, you see nothing but foam and water. But, when it goes away, you see a friend that comes out to meet you and say hello, from its tiny hole in the sand. Mr. crab. It’s always a pleasure to make new friends. The mini seashells you see laying in the sand, come and go. They bring you life long memories of your experience on the beach. If you pay enough attention towards the colours, you see the vast differences between the shades of blue and green and it’s amazing mix with the sky. It’s a great to feeling to be a part of something that happens so easily but terrifically. At the beach you don’t need anyone, just you and the waves can do so much. We are always looking for a friend to tell our secrets to, so that we can share. But, the friend should always be trustworthy. The water travels places and tells everyone About its experiences Maybe it’s because, it wants everyone to feel accepted and wanted and normal. Nothing should be kept a secret is what the water says, cause secrets and trust leads to meeting new people and accepting new people with differences.

Types of people I’ve met

You know, I have too much problem in judging a persons personality. When I actually realize the persons personality who is sitting in front of me, it becomes too late cause I end up being friends with that person and that person is the only person who is the bad influence in your life. Today I’m going to list out the no. Of different people I’ve met in my life.


the people who come in this category are the ones who have gone through a lot of stuff in life and are really inspiring. But, they are often very annoying. Once, I bumped into this really nice girl who was very friendly and I was ‘accidentally’ roaming around with my bold friend. I tried to be nice to the other girl but my bold friend literally pushed her and told her that she would hunt her down and kill if she ever showed up in front of me. Then, she comes close to me and says that I don’t need to worry because she’ll protect me from all the bad influence in life. 😂


I’ve met a lot of people like this. I have friends who have literally sabotaged me. Why am I even calling them friends ? Someone help me. When I was just 5 there was this girl who acted really nice in front of my parents but she once threw a rock at me for not giving her a seat on the swing. Mean !!!!!!!


You know that there are a lot of people who dress too much up. Well I recently moved a new place and I found out that people here don’t even know what to wear at what place. I once saw 3 groups of people wearing a cocktail dress to a birthday party. And it was odd because I came to the party wearing jeans and a top.


You know, when you are the one who gets all the work in your class completed and all your friends are the ones who are LAZY AS HELL, you end up doing almost everything for them when you suddenly realise that they are just using you. But, you being too good and not making false notions, just imply that they are really needy.


No offense but people are really stupid. 😑 literally !!! I called my friend and told her that I had to go to Bhutan and she said that I was lying and that Bhutan wasn’t even a country. Wow ! Yeah I know.


I MEAN MAN, COME ON !!!! How do you live in this world. No wait, I’m being rude. WHO THE HELL! ALLOWED YOU TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD? There are some people in my life who only care about themselves. Like once, me and my friend were walking on the street and we saw a little boy on a cycle accidentally fall. My friend did nothing, she just looked him in the eye and said get out of my way. And, I ended up helping him all alone.

So, that is all I have for you guys today. Thank you so much for being so supportive. I’ll be meeting you next week. Stay safe and eat well.

Bye, love Emma ❤️

Long time.

Hey guys, I know that my blog has been on and off lately. I am actually going through some things in my life and because of shifting, I don’t have any good friends who might make me feel better. I am not able to concentrate on writing my blogs, I am continuously sad and am also crying.

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you guys a lot for your support. I am adjusting to a lot of new things and that is probably the reason I am not able to post accordingly. I might take some time to right new things. But, I’ll come back with a blog whenever I want to. So guys, don’t worry I ain’t going anywhere ( except I need to poop already ).

The funniest thing happened to me today, I missed school and have been sleeping since morning and I just woke up at 2 pm. And I am now finally writing this blog. Gotta go.

Bye, love Emma ❤️

Conspiracy theories : The Flat Earth

hey guys !!!! First of all, happy new year. It’s 2019 and i am very exited for a new year and i hope you are too. I also wanted to apologise for not posting in the last 2-3 weeks i was a bit occupied. So, these days I have been quite interested in the flat earth theory. So, here are some points that I think that I might believe. Just letting everyone know that I am not here to offend anyone and also do not completely believe the flat earth theory.

1) The Fact That Gravity Is Non Existent 

I believe that gravity is not real. Today you are standing on the earth, because, you have molecules inside of you that are heavier than the molecules of the air. But, if today, I fill helium inside of you, you will float.

2) the fact that planes travel in a strait line

scientists say that the earth has a curvature after every eight miles. So, technically even I feel that a plane has to take some curves to travel but when you actually sit in an airplane, you feel no movement of such turns.

3) The first scientists saying

There was this one scientist who first went to space and was not from NASA. He said that the earth looked like a flat pancake with it’s sides turned up.

But, then a question enters our mind, why would anyone be lying about the earth being round ? Because it gives them power. Right now, if i kept you in a forest, and told you that there is nothing beyond that forest then it gives you more knowledge and knowledge is power. Flat Earthers also claim to think that there is more land beyond the Antarctic glaciers. Also, the Antarctic treaty is the only treaty that has been signed by everyone which means all countries. You can only go beyond the Antarctic glaciers if you take the permission of the UN. A man gas claimed to  have been over the antarctic glaciers and has claimed to have had seen a country as big as South America. Right even i am not sure of what to believe. I do not believe that the earth is flat but at the same time i do not believe that the earth is round due to some reasons.   if you want to know more then click here and there is a second part to it too so you can go and watch it too.

I would just like to say that this what I believe. if you don’t like it then think of it as stupid shit. Don’t believe what I am saying but believe facts. I am not trying to offend anyone here but please understand that I am just trying to tell you what I have learnt