Anxiety and what I do to calm down

Hey guys, some of you know me very little and most of you don’t know me at all. And today, here I am, sharing another piece of experience with you.

We often get nervous when we are meeting some one special, going on stage, performing in front of a big crowd, or maybe even talking to a teacher. I get a lot of anxiety due to my past relations and experiences and also because I keep trying new stuff and mostly end up making a fool out of myself on stage. See, I’m an Indian who isn’t quite good at English. I would say I’m a……………5 out of 10. But, what I am good at is, dancing, singing, painting, doing oratory stuff, and photography mostly.

Now, due to doing so much, sometimes I have to say a few lines about all I do. It can be a school debate or a creative activity. I can get anxiety on the smallest things like getting to know that I have a small class test. The first thing that tells me that I am getting anxiety is my heart rate, it slowly starts to rise until I feel like my chest is going to explode. Then, comes the nail biting. And then lastly, it is followed by being unable to breath which leads to fainting but only sometimes.

So………… here’s the thing that I do to calm myself down when I have anxiety:

1. I breath slowly and calmly to keep my heartbeat stable and ok.

2. I talk to my friends so that I get my mind off of the things that are cause me to get a panic attack or anxiety.

3. I try to distract myself.

4. If possible then, try to read a book or meditate. It really helps in calming the mind

5. I eat fruits like bananas and apple which are refreshing

6. Sometimes, if I am too stressed about something and cannot do anything to calm it, I lie down on the bed and think about things like puppies, bunnies, or chihuahuas !!!!!!!! They’re so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this blog helped you guys. I would really like you guys to tell me what you do when you get nervous and help me learn more about the body of others and mine, thanks guys and Ill meet you later. DON’T GO ANYWHERE AND CERTAINLY DONT EAT JUNK FOOD. STAY HEALTHY AND ILL MEET U LATER.


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