Conspiracy theories : The Flat Earth

hey guys !!!! First of all, happy new year. It’s 2019 and i am very exited for a new year and i hope you are too. I also wanted to apologise for not posting in the last 2-3 weeks i was a bit occupied. So, these days I have been quite interested in the flat earth theory. So, here are some points that I think that I might believe. Just letting everyone know that I am not here to offend anyone and also do not completely believe the flat earth theory.

1) The Fact That Gravity Is Non Existent 

I believe that gravity is not real. Today you are standing on the earth, because, you have molecules inside of you that are heavier than the molecules of the air. But, if today, I fill helium inside of you, you will float.

2) the fact that planes travel in a strait line

scientists say that the earth has a curvature after every eight miles. So, technically even I feel that a plane has to take some curves to travel but when you actually sit in an airplane, you feel no movement of such turns.

3) The first scientists saying

There was this one scientist who first went to space and was not from NASA. He said that the earth looked like a flat pancake with it’s sides turned up.

But, then a question enters our mind, why would anyone be lying about the earth being round ? Because it gives them power. Right now, if i kept you in a forest, and told you that there is nothing beyond that forest then it gives you more knowledge and knowledge is power. Flat Earthers also claim to think that there is more land beyond the Antarctic glaciers. Also, the Antarctic treaty is the only treaty that has been signed by everyone which means all countries. You can only go beyond the Antarctic glaciers if you take the permission of the UN. A man gas claimed to  have been over the antarctic glaciers and has claimed to have had seen a country as big as South America. Right even i am not sure of what to believe. I do not believe that the earth is flat but at the same time i do not believe that the earth is round due to some reasons.   if you want to know more then click here and there is a second part to it too so you can go and watch it too.

I would just like to say that this what I believe. if you don’t like it then think of it as stupid shit. Don’t believe what I am saying but believe facts. I am not trying to offend anyone here but please understand that I am just trying to tell you what I have learnt


2 thoughts on “Conspiracy theories : The Flat Earth”

  1. At 22:28 into your interview with Martin Kenny, Martin says the world is secretly run by a handful of families that go back to Roman times.

    This is a good line of research to look into after understanding that main stream popular culture and history is controlled. The catholic church is at the top of the pyramid.

    Consider reading and

    The following couple quotes by John Adams and Avro Manhattan suggest the Catholic church affects world events.

    John Adams, 9 September 1816 – “The Jesuit Order’s restoration in 1814 by Pope Pius VII is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism, and death.”

    Avro Manhattan, 1947 – “The advice given by the Pope to individual Catholics and to nations should be remembered, for during the following decade [after WW1] that emphasis on the necessity for strengthening authority, on the blind obedience owed by subjects, and on the duty of everyone not to allow difference of wealth and social ideology (i.e. Socialism) to incite class struggle, was to become the slogan of Fascist Totalitarianism.”


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