Child Labour

 This blog is really important, so please read it, it is to make you guys aware of what is happening in this world that needs people like us to help others realise that they are wrong and we are right. Please forward this to make others aware. 

In India, Dashehra, a festivle, is celebrated where the people of the country burn big statues of three people who are known to be evil. For this day, many of the people fund for making big statues of these three people. At least two to three lakhs are collected for the construction of these statues. On, the day of the festivle, the statues being comustable, burn in just a few seconds or minutes. But, if we look at it, the amout of work and the money is used for no good cause. Instead, we can use all of this money by doing something good for the poor. Poverty is seen almost everywhere. Poverty is the main source which cause another problem called child labour. So, in today’s blog, I would like to talk about ‘child labour’.

Children are our world’s future, if we don’t protect them, then bad times are going to come ahead. Due to poverty in most areas, many of the unfortunate families send their kids to work, so that they can earn money and help in the financial problem of the family. This leads to malnutrition in kids. In India, many of the times we can see children walking on the roads, trying to sell some products. The families don’t understand that the kids can get hurt by cars, they can fall down and can be seriousely injured. Many of the times we can also see women walking on the streets with a baby in their hands. They show the other people that the baby is sick and has fainted due to lack of food. But, mostly these kids are drugged. This is shocking ! Kids should not work until and unless they are 16 becaus they need good education so that they can make their countries proud after growing and can make a living themselves and also support their families in financial problems by working hard. The people in our countries don’t understand that working of little children at the wrong age is very dangerous. The children can be hurt and can die due to this. In many cases, children are told to work by some strangers and at the end of the day when the kids earn a bit of money, and then,those strangers steal their money and give those children nothing. Most of the workers have limited knowledge of what they are doing and send their kids to work without any idea about what kind of people there are in this world. Mostly, when girls are sent to work outside, the people there abusively touch them and also harass them many of the times. These cases many of the times result in rapes, sexual assaualt,  kidnapping,  and so many more things. These day, no girl or boy is safe. In earlier times, people used to think that if the child’s age is small then nothing will happen to him or her. But these days, not a single child is safe, if the child is either two or sixteen it doesn’t matter.

In this blog, I have told you a lot about how child labour is bad for the world. Now, I would like to help you in getting some solutions for this problem.

  1.  We can help with collecting money. If we collect just a litttle amount of money for these kinds of families that are in such a financial problem, then, it would make us better as humans and will help the family too.
  2. Encourage the family to send their children to school. The children require good education. So, the families should be encouraged to send their children to school.
  3. Encourage the families to get good jobs for only the adults. Instead of roaming around on the streets and begging for others to give them money, we should encourage and help the adults to get safe and secure jobs.
  • there are many solutions for problems like these. If you have and ideas, I would like you to comment down below and share you ideas. Please forward this to make everyone aware. I know that this problem is discussed many times but you can never stop anyone from letting others become aware. This is a request so please send this to as many people as you can to make them aware about this situation. Thank you all.
  • By- Emma Rodgers.


Happy Anniversary !!!!!

Guys, it has been the most amazing year with all of you!! I have met some amazing people here, at WordPress. I am very thankful to all of you for not making me feel aloof and being with me through this journey. You all are amazing and have great spirit. You make others around you feel that they can do anything. So, thats all that I would like to say and also, Congrats to me cause I just got an account on INSTAGRAM !

So, yay and thank you all so much. I love ❤️ u.

Just knowing each other more. Ft. The awkward expert

Hi guys !! I am back with another blog (yay !!). So before I get into all the detail, I just want to thank all my followers for giving me all the love and support. I know that I am not a very amazing blogger and I dont have as many followers as most people do, but I really want to appriciate the things I have . I love you guys because you are amazing !! So, let’s get to the core.

Me and ALEX the awkward expert have been planning to do this blog since so long. But certain issues made us a bit late. Now we have known each other as living people, but have not know anything about each other in particular so, we collaborated to know each other more and also to tell you all about us more. So, for this blog, there are some questions that we are both going to answer. These questions were asked by one of my friends who reads both of our blogging channels. So, lets get started!!!

Q1. Why did you choose blogging ?

ans. ALEX -I chose blogging because one of my friends had a little blog and I TOTALLY forgot that blogging even existed. That night when I got home, I realised that blogging would be great for me as in could finally say everything I wanted to.

EMMA – I chose blogging cause I actually want to become a writer and blogging would be the best way to update myself in writing expirience.

Q2. How do you come up with an idea for a blog ?

ans. ALEX – Normally, I’d just be doing something ordinary and the BAM ! New idea. Like one time, I was just eating sushi with chopsticks and I thought, “wow ! I actually really love chopsticks !” and then, I just made a post about it.

ans. EMMA – I am actually mostly blank when it comes to writing a blog. but I think that I really take inspiration from the people around me, when I am doing something. So, I take inspiration from others for my blog. Mostly it is my mom.

Q3. How would you describe each other as bloggers ?

ans. ALEX – I think that, Emma is different fom other bloggers I see! I can see she likes to write and she can be funny and serious which makes for a GREAT person.

ans. EMMA – I think that Alex is really different cause she is like someone I have never met. She really shows herself in her blogs and that is something that most people are afraid of. She knows what she is doing and is completely herself. I love people who show themselves freely. She knows that she is Awkward and is proud of it. That is an amazing quality.

Q4. Since when did you start blogging ?

Ans. ALEX – I’m sure that I have been bloggign from April 2017 ? Somewhere around that time.

ans. EMMA – I’ve been blogging since February 2018. It has been a wonderful expirience.

Clothes GIF - LisaKudrow Clothes Shopping GIFs

Q5. What Brand’s clothes do you buy the most ?

Ans. ALEX – I dont really wear branded clothes that much, most of my clothes are from thrift shops or are my older sibling’s stuff soo. But, I do like buying from H&M.

Ans. EMMA – I have to wear my sibling’s clothes too sometimes. But, my favourite brands are H&M and ZARA.

Q6. Do you use makeup ? If you do then which brand’s do you use ?

ans. ALEX – I dont wear makeup at all ! The most I use is the Fenty Beuty lip gloss but even then its occasionally.

ans. EMMA – I do not apply makeup either. I do, do ( haha. this is funny. doodoo) a lot of skin care but, makeup, never. I apply, face mask, toner, sunscreen, moisturiser. thats all.

Q7. How do you feel about giving your personal info on social media ? Like you have shown your face. tell us your expirience. were you insecure at first ? Or were you totally ok with it ?

ans.ALEX – I never really posted my face on social media till this summer. I think it’s because I finished secondary school and knew I was never gonna see those people again. Then I started sixth form and had a whole new chance to make a good impression and I woud say that I have! My amount of followere increased massively and so did the amount of likes and thennn at school people would tell me that they love my instagram and stuff which made me feel a million times better.

ans. EMMA – as you can see, I have not shown my face yet. Becasue I just dont think that I am ready.

Q8. What age do you think is appropriate for using social media ?

ans. ALEX – I would say whatever age you feel ready, but I know from my expirience that that is stupid advice. When I was 12, I thought that I was ready for snapchat, instagram and stuff , so I made my account. Then I realised that it was so not appropriate for that age.

ans. EMMA – I feel that social media accounts should be made at a time where you mentally and physically trust yourself. I think that the appropriate age would be 13- 15 years of age. That us the actual time when you start to mingle with others, start to learn more stuff. so, you might like to go out there more and push yourself. 9 right now, I am looking at my word count and it is almost a 1000 words. this is on of the longest things I have ever written )

Q9. If you would have to pick any three basic flavours of ice-cream, then, which ones would you choose ?

ans. ALEX- I would choose vanilla, strawberry and cookie dough.

ans. EMMA- I would choose vanilla, strawberry and chocolate pretty similar right?

Q10. Which app have you been using these days and consider your favourite ?

ans. ALEX- Probably instagram right now, cause I LOVEE posting and looking at pics.

ans. EMMA – My favorite app right now would be the wordpress app.

thank you so much guys. That is all I have for all of you today. This was so amazing !!! Please go and Follow Alex. She is an amazing blogger and I love her work.

bye, love Emma.



To everyone out there. ❤️

Hi guys !! Today I am back with another blog. These days, people love to be friends with a person who can maybe make them laugh, be cool, share stuff with each other and lots of more stuff. I usually find myself as a person who makes friends easily. I thank that that is because I do not make enemies or pick out the problems in others.

One of my friends told me that she and her group weren’t talking to a girl. And she didn’t even know the reason for not talking to her. So, I asked her if she disliked her in any way or was she just ignoring her because she wanted to hang out with her other group mates. She said that , “well I don’t hate her but , all I know is that we are not talking to her”. I couldn’t say anything to her.

This is something that is so irritating. I just wanted to tell her that even if the other people aren’t talking to her at least you should because being alone is the worst thing that anyone could go through. And making enemies is the weakest point you can ever have. I don’t think of myself as a very interesting person. Instead I have been picked on many times. So, I am a person who understands how it feels to be left out ( wow ! This is deep ). In my school, I am called at other people’s tables to eat with them but instead I choose to sit with what people name them outcasts. I don’t understand what the problem with other people is. The society is so difficult to understand. People are very weird in behaviour for me. I don’t understand mindsets very easily. These days, people who are a bit more healthy are picked on for no reason at all. People who like to study a lot are known as nerds. People who act a bit differently are known as dorks. This is just the problem with society, they do not like anyone who is a bit different than them. If anyone is a bit different, the person is outcasted just for not being ‘normal’. And what is normal ? Nothing ! Nothing is normal. Psychologically nothing is normal or weird. Every single brain, mind, character is different. And that is what makes us powerful.

I hope you understand my feelings. Also,please do not take this very seriously cause this is just my opinion.

Bye, love ❤️ Emma. 

We’ve all been there

hi everyone !!! Today I am back with another blog ( yes thank u very much ). Today I wanna talk about something that almost all of us have had…. and that is………. a crush !!! Don’t lie saying that you have never had one cause I know you have. So, I’m gonna start with my story.

I had my first crush when I was in fourth grade. I had met the guy when I was actually a 2 year old. Then I went away to some new place  after 3 years and met him again when I was 9. We used to play together and do lots of fun stuff. This one time we had a dare that we had to climb a big wall and he knew that I was scared so he held my hand and made me look at him till I was finally not as scared. I mean any girl would fall over some guy like that!! It wasn’t my fault. He was so sweet. That was when I first started crushing on him.

then three years later I accidentally told one of my friends that I had a crush on him and she told everyone and then that ruined my life. Then he stopped talking to me and started ignoring me. Now he’s a jerk. I just don’t understand why guys can’t be like peter kavinsky who was in ‘to all the guys I’ve loved before’. Now , I hate him. I truly do. Plus now he has a girlfriend whom I hate very much. That’s not because of jealousy but because of her rudeness.

Now, I am at a different place and i again have a crush who is so sweet, loyal , trustworthy and so pacient. But, now I know that he too has a girlfriend that he loves very much. And he says that she is exactly like me and that triggers me and makes me want to die. Have you ever been in such a situation before ?? Cause this is really hard. I am in pain. Why does this happen. You know, I have actually taken an oath that no matter how much I like someone, I am not gonna date until 17 or 18 years of age. But this is too hard.

If anything like this has ever happened before to you then please tell me cause maybe we can help each other or just understand each other. 

Bye, love ❤️ Emma.



Book review : everything everything

Hey guys ! This is Emma and I am back with another blog. I know that I have actually kind of been in and out from the blogging world that’s why I just wanted to apologize. I just wanted to do something new and as I have mentioned before that I am a really huge bookworm so I wanted to write a book review today.

Writer : Nicola Yoon

My rating : ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Genre : young adult

I loved the whole plot of the book that Maddy’s mother lies to her about her being sick for 17 years and the part where they both keep texting each other is really nice. I know that I am not supposed to judge a book by its cover but i really love the cover page of this book. I really liked the part where Madeline went to Hawaii with Olly.

I think that the book is really well written. It feels like every page is a new chapter and it feels like it cause it looks that way. I just love the whole idea of the book. And I feel like Clara the nurse must be a really great person. My book also came with a no. Of photos. They were related to the book adaptation of this book. But, overall this book was amazing and I would totally recommend it.

Thats all for today !

Bye. Love ❤️, Emma.

Being sick, sucks

You have no idea about how many times I wrote feel as fell in this blog. So pls give me a thumbs up for that.

Hi guys !! This is Emma and I am back with another blog (yay).

I have a fever and I feel like I am gonna throw up. I became sick yesterday and since then, I gotta be honest, my life sucks. My life sucked before too but now, it sucks even more. My throat is full of phlegm and whenever I speak, my voice becomes hoarse as if my voice box is messed up.

When I was younger, I actually liked being sick. Cause then, I wouldn’t have to go to school and sit in a dirty classroom that was filled with fart and poop smell. I remember even pretending to be sick many times during class. I remember telling my teacher that my chest was paining. She thought that I was getting a heart attack! But that’s ok.

This is me. I feel disgusting and am very very disgusted. Does. That make sense ?? I don’t know. I feel like my brain is going to puke. My skin is turning really pale and I look like powder. I just lost 3 kgs. Now I look like I am the weakest person on planet earth. I think I am going to die. I have been eating lots of medicines and that is probably the reason why I feel puckish.

Now, I am just writing this blog for you guys and you have no idea about how many grammatical mistakes I am making right now. I am in pain ok ! So, I deserve a thumbs up from you ok ?

I get sick easily cause I have tonsillitis, which is a problem related to the tonsil glands. I am fine. I don’t have any serious problem cause almost every one has tonsillitis.

Pros of having a fever :

1. I get a holiday from school

2. I can watch as much TV as I want to

3. I don’t have to walk around and do work

4. I don’t need to study

5. I can ask for anything to anyone and that person would bring it to me without being annoying

Cons of having a fever :

1. I feel terrible !!!!!!

So, that is all I have for you today guys ! Please give this blog a thumbs up if you enjoyed it !

Love, ❤️ EMMA

RECIPE: Mug Cake

Hi guys !!!!!! Emma is back with another cooking recipe, I hoped you liked my last one. If you haven’t read that one then please click Here. So today I will be writing about the recipe of a mug cake. I think you might have heard about it but if you haven’t then it’s a cake that you can make in a drinking cup or mug. So let’s get started.


1. 1 egg

2. Coco powder

3. Sugar

4. Milk (optional)

5. baking powder


1. Take a mug. I would prefer using the biggest mug that you have. Add an egg. Whisk it so that the egg mixes together with its yolk.

2. This recipe has to have very less batter or else the cake would just flow out of the cup. So, I used a small spoon for measuring my ingredients.

This was the spoon that I used. So, take a spoon and use it to measure the ingredients like me. Take some cocoa powder and put three spoons of it in the mug.

I am using the Hershey’s cocoa powder. But you can use anything you want.

Mix the egg and the cocoa powder well an then the mixture will look something like this.

4. Take the same spoon and add 6 spoons of sugar. Then mix with a whisk again.

5. Now take some milk and add very little by little so that the batter doesn’t become too wet.

6. Take baking powder and add just tea spoon of it into the mug. Now, give it a good mix and then let it be for just a minute. At this point you have to add a table spoon of vanilla essence too. You van also add chocolate chips, walnuts or sprinkles to the batter if you’d like. But, like to keep it simple.

After mixing, the batter will look something like this.

Then, take the mixture and put it in the microwave for jus a minute. You don’t need to put the microwave on any settings, just press start and it cook for just 1 minute.

Then this will be your final result.

Sorry guys, I am no photographer. But, I sure am a cook and I love it.

I loved this recipe so much !!! I love eating cake and now I can make it in just 2 minutes. Tell me in the comments below if you like such recipe and also tell me what you think of my blogs !!!!!

Bye guys. Love, Emma ❤️

Sunshine blogger award !! Yay !!

Keep reading cause you might be nominated for it.

So, I got nominated for The sunshine Blogger Award by Wambby !!! ( yay !!! ) thank you so much !

Things you got to do if you get nominated !!

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Answer the Eleven questions the blogger asks you.

3. Nominate others too.

4. Talk about the rules of the award in your blog and tell others how happy you are even though your reaction is 😐 24/7. ( hey ! Expressing is hard ok ? You can’t blame me for that ). Anyways, thank you Wambby !!

The Questions !

1.What song is currently your favourite ?

Ans. I guess it’s ‘your side of the bed’ by Loote. I love that song !

2. What is your favourite myth or story?

Ans. My favourite myth is that you can ruin you teeth by eating chocolate and then drinking water immediately. ( it is a myth right ?? )

3. What is your spirit animal ?

Ans. I guess a fox cause I found that on the Pottermore site. Which is a Harry Potter related site. I found out that my patronus was a fox.

4. Who is your most favourite and hated YouTuber ?

Ans. My most favourite youtuber would be Collins key. He is amazing and his brother Devan is too. And the most hated youtuber would be the SS couple.

5. Where did you find wambby ?

Ans. I was suggested her by my blogging friend, Alex- the awkward expert.

6. What is your biggest accomplishment ?

Ans. This award !!

7. Do you have problem in spelling ?

Ans. Yep. I do. I can never spell favorite. ( favourite). But still, I did win a spelling bee once. I only got till the second round.

8. What do you inspire to be ?

Ans. A writer. An author if possible.

9. What is your childhood song ?

And. My childhood song would probably be Rudolph the red nosed rain deer. I really used to love that song.

10. What kind of foods would you like to try?

Ans. Any kind of food that doesn’t include my mom’s cooking. She is terrible.

11. Do you ever think about having a YouTube channel ?

Ans. Yes. Loads of times. That’s a lie. The answer is all the time !!

so those were the questions ! Now the ………


I would like to nominate

Rolandomio travel, Alex the awkward expert and Priyasha for this award.

the questions for them are :

1. Who is your favourite author ?

2. Whom do you look up to?

3. What do you think about Emma Rodgers ?

4. What is your favourite movie ?

5. What was the first horror movie that you saw ?

6. Do you have siblings ? If you do then how many ?

7. How many languages can you speak and which ones are they ?

8. How do you come up with blogging ideas ?

9. What is your favourite snack ? ( I just wrote the word favorite correctly. Shit I made a mistake again).

10. What is the stupidest mistake you’ve ever made ?

11. What is your favourite colour and why ?

So, that is all for today guys. I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you did then pls give it a thumbs up.

Bye. Love ❤️, Emma.

Everyday skin care

Hi guys !!! Today I am back with another blog ( yaAAAAAAAYYYyy !!)

Today I actually wanted to show you the things that I use for daily skin care. I am not a very big fan of makeup cause my doesn’t let me use any 😭 but I do like taking care of my skin. So I’m going to show you the 6-7 things I use for my skin that suit me well and make my skin feel amazing. Hey ! You need to find time for yourself. In this big world of politics, you need to realise that you are also a human being who needs time for him/ her self. So, let’s get started with my daily skin care routine that I hope you may find useful.

These are the products that I use !

Face Wash

It is the most important thing of the whole day. Washing the face is very important, as it helps in getting rid of all the impurities and dust that might stick to your skin. I use ‘Episoft’. It is a skin cleanser that was suggested to me by my dermatologist but you can use a cleanser of face wash that you like.

This is the cleanser. It is really amazing. It does not have any strong medicinal smell or does not have a very strong fruity smell. It is perfect for me.


This is a very important part in skin care. This comes after the washing of the face. The toner is used to prepare your skin for anything else that you might put on your face. It also tightens the skin pores. I use the Lakmé toner which is nice and purple in colour.

Now, for applying the toner, I prefer using a cotton pad.

I use these kind of cotton pads cause I like using fancy stuff. But, if you don’t have cotton pads then you don’t need to worry you can use a cloth, a sponge, a piece of cotton or anything that you might like to put on your face. After putting the toner on, make sure that your face is completely dry. So, to keep the skin dry and to make sure that the skin has absorbed the toner, pat on the skin till you think that the skin is ready for the next thing that you are going to apply which is …


This is again a very important thing. Moisturiser is very important for making your skin soft and fluffy.

I use this moisturiser which is ‘Aveeno’. This was again given to me by my dermatologist. This is a pretty thick cream. So, I use very little of it at a time. You don’t need to use the exact cream, you can use any other moisturiser that suits you.


I use sunscreen very often cause, The sun damages the skin very easily. So, I use it thrice a day but, only in the morning.

This is the sunscreen that I use which is ‘ Neutrogena ‘. This is SPF 50+. This is a really amazing sunscreen. It disappears in my skin.

Things I use in the night !

By the way, the things that I am going to be telling you about here are totally up to you for utilisation. You can apply them if you want them or else they are not necessary at all.

Face mask

I use a face mask once in a week. Just to give my skin the nourishment it needs. I use a Korean mask.

This is the one that I like to use. It is meant for moisturising. I use this after I have washed my face and have toner on my skin. I put this at night when I am in a mood to rest. I put it on for 20 minutes and then remove it. I don’t really wash my face after that cause I feel like it’s juices that are still remaining , still work.

Charcoal strips

These are the strips that I use. They are meant for blackhead removal. Also, I only do this once in two weeks.

They have small packets like this inside. When I put them on, I wet the upper side the nose mask cause I feel like I really helps it stick into my skin. I then put it on for 20 mins and then remove it. This really works. It actually removed all the blackheads that I had.

Night mask

This is a night mask from Lakmé, I bought this from India. I wash my face and apply this before sleeping.

It really helps my skin become brighter and I helps it glow. This night mask is truly amazing

That is all guys !! I hope you enjoyed this blog. Comment down in the section below about what you use for your skin and if you liked this blog then give it a big thumbs up !!!

Bye. With love, ❤️ Emma.