Trying new things and facing fears !!!!

Hi everyone !! Happy Sunday . So today I wanted to talk about things that are new with me. So here we go.


So this week I started learning how to drive a car. I got a good start but, while my lesson was finishing, I almost bumped into a huge tree!!!!!!!! But it’s ok. I mean nobody is hurt. Thank god ! I’ve been trying to do a ton of new things. And do more of exercise regularly.


I must tell you this that I was actually scared or riding a bicycle last year. But now I am great!!! That is why I thought of keeping the title’s name ‘facing fears’. When I was small, I only wanted to start biking because of my sister. She used to show off so much. At least that’s what I thought. Then when i started learning, I actually found interest in it. Then after several years when my bike had to be given away cause it was too small for me, then I started getting scared of the new bike that I had got cause it was really huge and with gears and stuff. Then I started getting scared of biking. But now I am ok !!!!!!!! I can cycle very easily and it is all cake walk for me.


I was never actually interested in cooking. But, whenever my mom used to make food, she used to make the usual things most of the time. So, I used to crib a lot on whatever she had cooked for me. Then she used to tell me that if I ever cook only then I will know the value of it. And it is really true. I actually like what I eat nowadays only because I cook it and do not want to disappoint myself. I actually haven’t taken any photo of my food but I’m sure I’ll show you one day!!!!

So that is all for today everyone and I hope you enjoyed this blog. I would also appreciate it if you would go and check out my other site which is ‘ bookish blogger ‘. Thank you sooo much and I’ll see you next week !!!


The beginning of my sketchbook .

Hi all my followers and also those who are new here. Today , I would like to tell you more about myself and my hobbies as I would just like to tell you guys who I am, but with my personality and not my looks. You might know this if you might have read the collaborating blog that I did with Alex, last week. If you haven’t read that, then go check it out and on Alex, he awkward expert’s site. And also make sure you follow her.

So, moving on , today I would like to show you my work of art which also can be terrible as I am not very good with drawing. So let’s get looking ( you get it, cause it’s art. I don’t care ok, this is my blog ).

The first one is actually Terrible and that is a terrible handwriting so yeah. I told you that I am a horrible artist.

Yes all the army’s. You gonna love me for this ( please love me ).

All the bts fans you can also relate to this one due to the caption.

This is one piece that I am actually proud of.

This is like kids drawings . Literally.

this literally looks like grapes though I wanted them to be flowers.

All the army’s. I know you love me.

This is all bts.

Yeah I know what you thinking, why does JK look like a lamb. Hey don’t judge me.

this is one of my favourite drawings it’s too cute.

Hey ! It’s the maknae line !!!!!!!!

Now here comes the Varli art and me being spontaneous !!!

This one quotes, today I know that fear is just another reasons to try HARDER !!!!

So, that is all for today! Thank you all so much for reading this blog. And if you read this blog then make sure you give it a like! And also pls tell me in the comment section about your favourite drawing of sketch or painting or piece of art that I did.

Happy friendships day !!!!

Hi guys it was friendships day on the 5 th of this month !!! And I would love to wish you all a very happy friendships day and hope that you and your friends relationship last for a very long time. I am so sorry that I could not blog on that day and wish you all as I had a very big test coming up and had to study.

So, this year, I wasn’t planning on any body calling me to their house or at any party as I was new to the places and surroundings. So, I was just sitting on my couch this Sunday and suddenly but weirdly enough, I got a call from one of my classmates saying that he wanted me to come to the mall with him as some of our other classmates were coming too. So, I agreed to go as I was doing nothing sitting on my couch.

After an hour when I reached their, I first met the guy who had called me and then we waited for all the others to come. I was actually surprised to know that a guy had called me cause I hadn’t given anyone my number. Sorry guys, but i can’t show you any pictures as that would reveal my face and I am telling you that I look like an egg. At least that’s what my sister told me.

Then when some other people gathered around and we were a crowd big enough to do something together, we headed to a haunted house. At first me and another friend of mine weren’t agreeing to go but then we all were taken along anyways. Guys can convince anyone. They were all like, ” we’ll protect you and nothing will happen to you”. I was like I mean what are you, my boyfriend ????

Then, we paid for all our tickets for the haunted house and then we’re given gloves for wearing. Then when we went inside, the room started with mirrors and we had to find our way to the haunted house and then their came a dead end where we were fully blocked by mirrors but then we saw that their was ‘ push’ written and then when we pushed the mirror, it lead us to the haunted rooms. I must tell you that the whole thing was painful. Their were times when due to being scared, I started walking backwards and one of my classmates had to literally hold me from my shoulders and push me in front cause I would refuse to walk. And their were only two girls that came, so we ( me and my friend ) were the only stupid ones to scream the whole way. And their were three guys standing around me and three around her to protect her as they promised. When we came out, I decided to go look at some shops as we had nothing to do till the time we were waiting for some of our other friends who reached pretty late. I wanted to look at some shops as it was my father’s birthday that day. So, I bought a watch for my dad which he liked very much.

Then we were pretty hungry so we ate burgers, pizzas, ice creams and all the junk that we could find and then when we were satisfied with what we had done that day we went back to our houses.

So, how did you celebrate your friendships day? Did you do something nice ?? Tell me in the comment section below.

Collaborating with Alex !!!! 😊

So, this Monday, I actually collaborated with Alex ( the awkward expert ). She is amazing and so polite so make sure you go check her site out !!!! She herself is a teen so, their was this series that she was doing and I read it all in her Blu and I also wanted to be a part of this so I told Alex that I would have loved to take part.

So, then she gave me a topic to write a blog on. Then when I was done, I emailed her my blog and this Monday it had been posted.

This was the blog. So, make sure you go read it, and then follow Alex’ blogging site cause she is amazing !!!!!

So, pls read this blog and tell me what you thought about it !!!! Also, I would like to tell you that I have opened another channel on which I will be posting book reviews. So please go and follow me over their too. The sites name is bookish blogger . T

Thank you all so much. Bye !!!!! 😊

DISCUSSION: hills or beaches

I get confused a lot and whenever planning a trip, I get confused if I want to go to a hill station or a beach. So today, I am here to do a discussion on traveling to hills or beaches.


Whenever I travel to a hill station, I love the thing that you are surrounded by a lot of greenery and fresh air and cool wind. But sometimes, when you visit a lot of hill stations, you get bored as you only see trees most of the time which can get pretty annoying. Visiting a hill station is also good as you can see how people survive at cold places. I have actually been to a lot of hill stations myself and I love them all.


I love it when I see people sit and just relax at the Bach while listening to the sweet sounds of the ocean. I also love the colour blue which I think is pretty soothing to the eyes. Though I’ve only been to a beach once, my experience there has been pretty great.

So, this is why i get so confused.

Which place do you like, beach or hill ? Tell me in the comments below !!

Announcement !!!!!!!!

I have opened a second channel which i have kept mainly for book Reviews and if you liked this blog, I would like you to check my other channel out too. The name of the Channel is Bookish Blogger. So, go ahead and check that out too.

Learning Korean

Well, since my holidays started I just didn’t have time to write a blog about anything ( it was more likely that I did not have an idea on what I should post next ). But here I am sharing something about me. Again

So, since my academic year started again I was trying pick up some languages this year. I recently started learning Korean ( all because of BTS, I will not lie ). I’ve been trying concentrate on all of my subjects in one hand and my activities in another hand and this is so frustrating. I don’t get any time to blog and that is why I missed my deadline on Sunday. I was supposed to post a blog on that day.

So, I would like to share some Korean phrases and words that I have learnt recently.

1. Anneyonghaseyo

Which is a way to say hi in a formal way. It’s in formal way would be anneyong which you can use for talking to your buddies.

2. Anneyong. Emma-eyo. Bangawoyo

Anneyong means hi and as I said before. Now while saying your name you will add eyo after saying your name. Then bangawoyo means nice to meet you. This whole sentence means – hi. I am Emma. Nice to meet you.

3. Shillihajiman , Yongyo haseyo?

Shillihajiman means excuse me. Yongyo haseyo means do you speak english ? So you can say this when you are a foreigner and are stuck somewhere so you can ask anyone if they speak English.

These are the only three things for today see you next week.

Bye !!!!!!!!!